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Updating firmware on samsung galaxy s Mobile free xxx camroulette

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* i get the bounty and i take any donation gladly ***** i am not responsible for what you understand***** so please read carefully If you are not capable of following this simple steps and somehow magically EFF you camera just Full Clean wipe Reflash thru odin or so they say and cross your fingers SO...

After i decided to sit and make some time to reverse engineer the camera i managed to solve this one.. take a screenshot of the results on the notification and write down your CAM fw information *** F16QL, C16L and F16QS Are your camera sensor / Module this information is for you to know what FW you need.. click on Cam/Phone Fw ver and check that the NEW FW is being detected (compare with your previews info) EG.

Unfortunately the device will never get an official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, so if you really want it, you will have to go for a custom ROM.

There are many ICS custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 and we cover the best ones.

Before we start our tutorial on using Samsung Odin and installing a Samsung firmware update, I’d like to take a moment and talk to you about phone unlocking.

If you’re already rooting your device and looking into installing the new firmware, consider also unlocking your device – it’s the best time to do it, it takes minutes and it comes with a money back guarantee.

First and most important step: * dial on your phone *#34971539# ( you will get the Camera Firmware Standard screen if you don't then read the steps above again.. Save them some where else where you can edit them... Firmware locations on your phone you need root they are located in system/cameradata (TW442) and in some cases system/vendor/firmware you have various files ending with .

with you Camera then replace it with the one i will indicate below. go to \system\cameradata\ search and extract these 2 files: "yoursensor model"_Isp0./ "yoursensor model"_Isp1.3. you can actually replace the APP and works but it is very different than the one for the G900* it does not include the Front section and stuff but they have done some improvements if you want to get some pointers here is the thread With the galaxy S3 you dial *#34971539# and open the Camera Firmware flashing tool As soon as you had the updated Slim ISP.bin(firmware file) file in the root of your internal memory the software would detect it and enable the Flash Phone to Cam FW option to update..

We have tried most of the ROMs available for it and you can find the best ones on this page.

All are safe and very stable, so it’s safe to update to all of them.

No actual proof, or information as to what this actuality does.

I wonder why people make posts like this, expecting them to PM the op without knowing firsthand what this even does.