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After the release of their second eponymous EP, 2NE1 (2011) which spawned several hits such like "Lonely" and "I Am the Best", 2NE1 returned to Korean music charts with the release of their comeback single "I Love You" which was released on July 5, 2012.

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'We found that when the older children slept outdoors they slept longer, deeper and more serenely,' Mr Scott-Hamilton said.'When they woke up they were significantly more refreshed, rested and rejuvenated than when they had slept inside.'He said that, in addition, there had been a 'significant improvement' in their cognitive attentiveness, alertness and awareness when they had been sleeping outdoors, compared with sleeping inside.'It’s important to note that at all times the children are given a choice as to where they would like to sleep,' he said.'Also, when the children do sleep outdoors it is under the watchful eyes of our highly trained professionals who are constantly and dynamically assessing the children and nature on a minute by minute basis.'He added that whilst 11 weeks was a 'comparatively short time' the centre would continue to monitor absences caused by winter related illness, like colds and flu.These traumatized women and men have an innate belief that what is destroyed in the abortion is an unborn baby regardless of size or gestation and irrespective of the values and beliefs of doctors, lawmakers, family, partner etc.Conflicted and unable to express the enormity of their grief, the traumatized struggle with feelings of isolation that usually leaves them questioning their own mental health.

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(A factoid worth noting is that the term “borderline”, of borderline personality disorder fame, originated from the conceptual space between neurotic and psychotic.During that time, fewer than one per cent of children were absent due to 'winter-related' illnesses - something Director Ken Scott-Hamilton put down to the amount of time they spend outdoors.'We firmly believe that this statistic is a direct result of all of our children being outdoors more often and the older children (ages 2-5) sleeping outdoors more often, where they are able to breathe fresh air instead of being stuck inside with dry, recycled air that acts as an incubator which can allow the flu, virus and common colds to easily spread among the children,' he said of the 'phenomenal statistics'.During the 11-week period, he said the centre had tracked changes in the health and wellbeing of the children as a result of sleeping outdoors more often.Symptoms and severity will vary with individuals, but can include: Self destructive behaviours To understand abortion trauma, emotional intelligence is necessary.For many, abortion is a death experience in which one’s personal choice does not negate, but rather adds to the suffering.They reside in Brisbane, Australia, in which Tony uses part of his home as his clinic to see families.