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For some people, having relationships in high school is a significant part of social maturation.

20 dating secrets

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But many of us don't even realize how beautiful we really are until we look back at pictures twenty years later. I worked all through my twenties but it wasn't a career. Final Word: Focus on evolving your talents and skills rather than pouring all your energy into your ego or relationships. I started later in life than most women which is a good thing because I was lucky enough to find the right man first.

When I was 20, I was very concerned with being beautiful and being loved. Until we get older, we often don't see our true Many of us become sucked into the mindset that we must appear desirable and attractive to men at all times in order to be accepted and loved. I was a waitress, a bartender, and sometimes worked retail. Now, I have a young daughter and a preteen stepson.

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That 20-year-old thought she was in a romance novel and probably read When you're a teenager and in your 20's, most of us girls are focused on our looks to a great extent. I know now that I should have worked harder on my talents so that I could have had something to fall back on. Now, I'm starting from scratch, which is fine, but I could have had a head start.

Don’t Rush There’s a tendency among most girls in their 20s to rush into a serious relationship out of some fear that “all the good ones will be taken.” What’s important, however, is finding the right guy – not finding one quickly!

Downplay Social Media Stalking Social media has totally altered dating and friendships alike, and while it’s perfectly normal (and even fun) to check out your boyfriend’s old Facebook photos, there are limits.

And even if those photos are gorgeous, guys might be a bit overwhelmed.

Hold Onto Your Friends This is actually a general tip for girls in their 20s from Lauren Conrad, but one that applies to dating as well.